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Welcome to the Mike and Angelo Wiki!

"He came from another dimension, from a different universe beyond infinity - and he fell to Earth with a bump..."

Welcome to the Wiki for CITV sitcom Mike and Angelo!

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The main characters of Series 7 to Series 10 - Katy Andrews (Katy Murphy), Angelo (Tim Whitnall) and Mike Mason (Michael Benz).

In the show, an American boy named Mike is moved to Cricklewood, London by his newly-divorced mother Rita. Here, he discovers a mysterious wardrobe in his new house which he opens to find Angelo, a fun-loving alien who is able to walk on ceilings along with other superhuman talents. Each episode, Angelo - usually with a Mike in tow, causes mischief and creates outlandish situations which require being resolved by the cast in each episode.

For a general overview on the series - see Mike and Angelo. In total, there was 123 episodes across 12 series between 1989 and 2000, making it one of the UK's longest running sitcoms (as counted by number of series)

This Wiki aims to provide info on the show, and the characters and universe within it.

[Please be aware that this wiki is quite new so some areas and articles are not finished. Feel free to add and edit anything you believe the site needs - though do remember to be responsible. Thank you and enjoy the wiki!]

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Mike and Angelo

A general page on the show.


An incomplete list of characters in Mike and Angelo.

Series Pages

The series-by-series guide to Mike and Angelo - including links to the Series pages.

Key Articles


The alien from another dimension who quite literally turns everyone's lives upside down.

7 Larkswood Lane

The house where all the action takes place.

The "Mikes"

All the characters who have taken up the mantle of being the titular "Mike".


A guide to known international broadcasts of "Mike and Angelo".